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Boston Pizza survey reveals Canadians’ true feelings about receiving bad holiday gifts

Mississauga, ON – December 3, 2013 – Survey results released today show that a large majority (77 per cent) of Canadians have committed ‘Festive Fakery’ – the act of pretending to like a bad gift. The survey, commissioned by Boston Pizza, Canada’s largest casual dining chain, also found that 80 per cent have witnessed someone pretending to like a bad gift, and that those who do pretend use some crafty methods to disguise their true feelings. Boston Pizza recently kicked off its Festive Fakery holiday campaign this year to eliminate the need for fake reactions by encouraging gift givers to consider a Boston Pizza gift card, as 75 per cent of Canadians would prefer to receive a gift card than something they won’t like or use.

“This survey shows that every year good people are forced to fake their reactions to bad gifts, and we at Boston Pizza feel it’s time to put an end to this festive fakery,” said Steve Silverstone, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Boston Pizza International. “If you suspect your loved one is a faker, or you’re simply not sure what to give, put a Boston Pizza gift card under the tree and experience what true joy looks like.”

Boston Pizza’s survey, conducted in late-November by Vision Critical, provided some insight in to what motivates Canadians to pretend: 85 per cent of Canadians believe faking is better than hurting the giver’s feelings. It also revealed the top methods fakers have used to pretend to like a bad gift: 
• 72 per cent hold their smile for as long as possible to seem like they love the bad gift
• 57 per cent give a hug to avoid having to comment on the gift
• 56 per cent start using or wearing the gift right away
• 50 per cent deflect attention to someone else in the room
• 48 per cent exclaim phrases like “oh you shouldn’t have!” or “this is too much!”

Once a bad gift is received, some 46 per cent will return or exchange it, 45 per cent admit to re-gifting unwanted presents and 19 per cent just throw them in the garbage.  

Boston Pizza is making great gift giving even easier this year by rewarding gift givers with a free individual size pizza when they purchase a gift card valued at $50 or more. Additionally, free holiday greeting cards are available in store, the perfect accompaniment to a BP Gift Card.  
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