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Mom and daughter happily playing in the field

JDRF is the leading charitable funder and advocate focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. The goal of JDRF is to improve the lives of all people affected by T1D by accelerating progress on the most promising opportunities for curing, treating and preventing this disease. Since its founding in 1970 (1974 in Canada), JDRF has awarded nearly $2 billion globally to T1D research, funding more research than any other charity in the world. Over three million Canadians have some form of diabetes, and JDRF strives to help people of all ages and at all stages of the disease to live better, longer, healthier lives.

Early in our partnership, funds donated from Boston Pizza Foundation helped support clinical trials of islet transplants at the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a treatment that became known as the Edmonton Protocol. This treatment is now used around the world at a number of hospitals and is showing great promise.

Over the last five years, the Boston Pizza Foundation has contributed to the support of clinical trials related to the development of the Artificial Pancreas Project (APP). By automating detection of blood sugar levels and delivery of insulin in response to those levels, an artificial pancreas has the potential to transform the lives of people with T1D. Currently in the human clinical trial stage, the artificial pancreas will truly be a revolutionary approach to managing T1D and significantly reduce the complications that arise.

These are exciting times to be involved with JDRF. With the dedication and enthusiasm of employees, franchisees, suppliers and guests, we are confident that we can help find a cure. 

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