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The person we looked up to, learned from, and spent a lot of time with. So we know that they’re important, but maybe not how important. Although role models can come in many forms – parents, teachers, coaches – the truth is, 1 in 3 Canadian kids don’t spend enough time with a positive role model.

For over 25 years, The Boston Pizza Foundation has been committed to raising funds to help support kids in communities across Canada. Thanks to our various charity promotions, we’ve raised over $24 million to help give kids a brighter future. Every $5 donated equals one hour with a positive role model, and every year we provide over 200,000 hours of positive guidance.

This valentine’s day, we aim to raise enough funds to provide kids in need with over 100,000 hours of guidance and inspiration with positive role models.

To get involved, please visit our Foundation’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together, we can look forward to helping more kids unlock their full potential.

Cheryl Treliving
Executive Director
Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects

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Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects

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