We're happy to introduce our brand new website and mobile app!
Both created to improve your online ordering experience - making it quick, simple and delicious!


To learn more about all of the platform changes and what it means for you, refer to the FAQ section below.



  • Dessert on your Birthday 
  • Gourmet individual pizza EVERY MyBP Anniversary


  • $5 off after your 5th online order
  • 15% off after your 10th online order


*Some conditions apply.


Sign up today to take advantage of exclusive offers, easier ordering and to get rewarded for ordering the food you love!


Register your Kids Card to your MyBP account and get a 6th FREE Meal. Plus, after registering you can easily redeem your meals through your MyBP account. 

MyBP FAQ- New Ordering Platform

MyBP New Online Ordering Platform

We have updated our Online Ordering Platforms (Website, iOS and Android apps). For Security Purposes, you are required to reset your password to access your existing MyBP account on the new platforms.

You have received an email with a link to reset your password. You may also update your password by pasting the below URL into your browser or by clicking here.


By migrating to the new platform, all saved information has been deleted for security purposes. That means that all your saved addresses, favourites items, past orders and credit card information have been deleted and will need to be re-entered.

Any valid offers in your account will remain eligible for redemption until the previously stated expiry date. Your order counts have been maintained for the sole purpose of tracking towards the 5th and 10th order offers.

All of your MyBP offers that were in your account, including all free kids meals, are still in your account.

There are two ways to view the balance of kids meals in your  account:

  1.  Go to https://bostonpizza.com/en/kids-card-balance.html. Enter your member number in the field for the kids card number. The member number can be found on the app, in the rewards section by clicking on the reward itself.
  2. In restaurant, the staff will be able to access your MyBP account and see the balance for each reward you have. 

The order count has been maintained for tracking towards the 5th and 10th order offers. Any valid offers in your account will remain eligible for redemption until the previously stated expiry date. 

Members previously logging in with Facebook will need to reset their passwords with their email address associated with their Facebook accounts. You have received an email with a link to reset your password. You may also update your password by pasting the below URL into your browser or by clicking here.


Unfortunately, members previously logging in with Apple will not be able to access their old accounts and will need to create a new MyBP account. To create a new account, simply click on sign up.

Our website might have changed, but we still offer all your favourite BP eats, don’t worry! We have completely rebuilt our website and app in order to offer a new online ordering experience that's faster and easier to use than ever before.  Try it today! 

Visit the App store for your device and download the Boston Pizza app. If you already have the old Boston Pizza app downloaded, you'll be prompted to update the app the next time you open it.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our guest services team through the contact us page.

MyBP Program FAQ

MyBP Rewards Program

MyBP is a loyalty program offered by Boston Pizza. Members get access to great offers, unique promotions and specials, a better, faster, easier online ordering experience and much more.

There are two ways to sign up:

1) Visit www.bostonpizza.com/mybp and click 'sign up'.

2) Download our iPhone or Android app (it's 100% free), and click on MyBP to register

We have two easy ways for you to sign up. Click on MyBP to register, or download the BP app from the Google Play or Apple Store.

Nope, there is no cost to be a Member.

We're always sending out new offers and creating new, exclusive experiences. As a MyBP member, you get access to them all.

Dine-in offers:

  • Free appetizer for signing up
  • Free dessert on your birthday
  • Free individual two-topping pizza for your first anniversary

Online ordering offers:

  • Free Bandera Pizza Bread for signing up
  • $5 off after your fifth order
  • 15% off after tenth order  

We only take the information required to make your sign-in process easier. We will never post to your wall or sell your information. We are collecting your first name, your surname and your email address. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more on what information we collect and how we use it.

No, you can use the same login for www.bostonpizza.com and the mobile apps.

To see all available offers, sign-in into your MyBP account and click on MyBP Rewards in the top navigation.

Be sure to Opt-in to email communications to be notified of new offers. You can do that in the Profile section of your MyBP account.

No, you do not need to be a MyBP member to place an online order. Simply choose to place the order as a guest. You will still have the opportunity to sign up at the end of the ordering process.

However, you will need a MyBP account to place an order on the MyBP app.

Being a member though allows you to save your delivery information, payment cards, favourite orders, and access exclusive offers.

First, start by placing your order by adding all menu items in your cart (including the free reward if applicable) . Once in your cart, you will have the opportunity to apply your MyBP rewards.

You can redeem your dine-in offer in the following ways:

  • Download the Boston Pizza mobile app, then check in to a Boston Pizza location and provide your server with your three-digit code.   
  • Visit a Boston Pizza location and provide the server with the phone number associated with your MyBP account.
  • Print an offer from your MyBP account screen and bring it with you.

You can easily register your Kids Card to your MyBP account to receive a 6th FREE kids meal and make it easier to redeem your Kids Meals through your MyBP account. Just follow these steps on the website or on our app!

1.     Sign In to your MyBP account or create a new MyBP account. Click here to create a new account.

2.     Click on "MyBP Rewards"

3.     Enter your 16-digit Kids Card number(s) in the area titled "Register a Kids Card".

4.     If you've entered a valid Kids Card #, your meals will automatically be added to your account under your MyBP Rewards.

5.     To redeem your Kids Meals, simply present your server with your email address or phone number associated to your MyBP account, or check-in at the restaurant and provide the server your 3-digit code.

 As of July 31, 2022 the Team HQ program has ended and credit is no longer being accepted at your restaurant. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us.